Top Things To Do Near Malpensa Airport (Mxp), Milan

Discover the most interesting attractions dedicated to travellers in and around Malpensa Airport: a quick and easy connection hub which will allow you to enjoy a few moments of relaxation during your busy working day.


Being the second busiest Italian hub in terms of international passenger traffic (19,420,690 people in 2016), the airport makes the waiting times for your flight definitely enjoyable, offering several coordinated services and benefits.


Milan Malpensa Terminal 1 opened in 1998, and it is located 48 kilometers from the city centre of Milan. In 1909 the first airplane prototypes were already planned and tested at the Cascina Malpensa farmhouse. The airport is made up of a main building and three satellites. From December 2016, Terminal 2 can be reached via the Malpensa Express train from Milan. The two airport terminals are connected by train and free shuttle bus service.


The novelty of the Malpensa restyling is the new commercial gallery that houses “Piazza del Lusso”: innovation, new materials, and expanded spaces welcome shopping enthusiasts in Milano Malpensa. The new shopping gallery pays homage to Milan with a strong Italian design, as a modern revision of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, in central Milan. The lighting is designed by the Cinzia Ferrara as one of the most aesthetically distinctive elements of the new area, that embraces the world’s top luxury brands.


Among the places to visit in the neighborhood there is the “Brughiera” (Heath, in English), namely a vast uncultivated area (approximately 9,000 hectares wide) South of Gallarate and Somma Lombardo. Here, at the end of the Eighteenth century, a wealthy merchant from Busto Arsizio erected a building “Cascina Malpensa” and began farming. In the following decades the area was known as Area Malpensa, and hundreds of companies have established their headquarters in here, from the beginning of the Twentieth century. Thanks to the Caproni family, the area has taken a vital importance for the history of Italian aviation. Currently, the “Brughiera” territory is of great importance for the Italian and European economies. It is here that one of the most important airports in Southern Europe was built: Malpensa2000.


Instead, nature lovers will appreciate the Ticino Park. Inaugurated in 1974 to protect the wonderful corner of a world full of flora, fauna, traditions, history and culture, the Lombardy Park of the Ticino Valley is a true oasis of peace and tranquility. Its territory (90,640 hectares) lays over 4 provinces (Milan, Novara, Pavia and Varese) and more than 40 municipalities. Ticino, also known as the “Blue River”, is 249 km long, originates from the Nufenen Pass (the second highest mountain pass with a paved road within Switzerland), in the Lepontine Alps, crosses the southern part of Italian Switzerland and enters the Swiss Lagoon Lake Maggiore, delimiting the border between the Piedmont and Lombardy regions. The Ticino receives the waters of some tributaries such as Toce, and Maggia, as well as from the lakes of Lugano, Varese and Lake Orta. Finally it flows into the river Po’, South east of Pavia in the town called Becca.

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