Parking At Milan Malpensa Airpor

Find out where to park your car at Malpensa Airport!


Look how easy it is to park within the perimeter of the airport. The car parks are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


At Milano Malpensa airport there are different kinds of parking facilities, depending on the requirements of each guest. Once you get near the airport, you will find the cheapest way to park your car:

  • Long Term P1 parking lot, which is an uncovered parking area (within Malpensa Terminal 1) for those who are travelling for business or pleasure for more than 7 days.
  • Executive P2 parking lot, the most exclusive and convenient covered car park (at Malpensa Terminal 1) for demanding customers or business travellers who do not have a minute of their time to ruin. There are also 130 parking spaces for Luxury cars and 500 spots (level -4) for long-term stays. It is a secured parking. The parking area has lifts that will take you directly to the check-in area.
  • Express P3 parking lot, that is an uncovered car park connected to Malpensa Terminal 1 by walk.
  • Holiday P4 parking lot is the perfect combination between comfort and affordability thanks to its 1,200 uncovered parking spaces and direct walkway to the Terminal (just 4 minutes). P4 car park is for holiday travellers and is chosen by the most well-known Italian Tour Operators.
  • Easy P5 parking lot, which is a very affordable car park (at Malpensa Terminal 2) with more than 3,000 between covered and uncovered parking spaces.

There is a free shuttle service that links both terminals 1 and 2. Malpensa Airport also has 1030 short term parking. Payment by parking meter. By purchasing online you will pay a discounted rate compared to the standard one and you will be guaranteed availability. Parking availability is guaranteed if you purchase online; even if you are not assigned a specific space.


Malpensa car parks can be accessed both by cars and motorcycles, as well as buses carrying up to 9 people; they cannot be accessed by buses or trucks. The rates applied are identical to those for cars (the same rate is applied for vehicles up to 5.5 meters).


Finally, there are also facilities for people with reduced mobility. To be able to take advantage of the right to free parking in areas marked by barriers, the passenger with disabilities must be the owner of the permit.


In addition, there is a guarded and video-monitored parking in Vizzola Ticino (Strada Provinciale 52, 5) which is very close to Malpensa airport. This car park Milan Linate is known as ParkinGO. The quality service and security of this car park is usually preferred by the business travelers that choose Malpensa’s stopover for its vicinity to Milan center.

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