Milan Malpensa Airport Weather Conditions

If it rains cats and dog outside or a strong wind blows, the weather is not a problem within the Malpensa Airport: the hub offers several bars and restaurants, where you can take a coffee break, a frugal snack or have lunch. An offer always distinguished by a high quality of service, designed to meet all the needs of the passengers, who can safely spend their time shopping or indulging in moments of relaxation. In addition, a small wooden terminal was constructed to protect goods and passengers from all weather conditions.


In the matter of general weather in Malpensa, the climate is almost damp in all seasons. In winter, the temperature rarely reaches -3 °C, while in summer (which is rather dense and slightly ventilated) it exceeds +28 °C.


Basically, the climate is generally similar to that the West High Po Valley, with cold winters, several days of mist, some snowy and long anticyclonic periods; while summers are warm, humid and unattainable with some stormy days. However, ventilation is poor all year because the Po Valley, due to its high-edged mountain configuration.


Near the municipal territory, there is the Milan Malpensa Weather Station. According to the climatic averages of the thirty-year 1971-2000, the coldest month average temperature in January is +1,7 °C, while the warmer month is July with +22,2 °C; on average counts 108 days of frost per year and 27 days a year with a maximum temperature equal to or higher than 30 °C.


Average annual rainfall is 1,212 mm. The average annual relative humidity recorded 72.9%; on average 118 days a year are misty.


Be prepared with the most accurate 10-day forecast for Malpensa, with highs, lows, chance of precipitation from the Weather section on their website with updated road conditions.


Get the Malpensa weather forecast: up to 15 days forecast along with reports and videos for Malpensa Airport at http://www.milanomalpensa-airport.com/en/flights/weather.

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