Is Uber Available In Milan Italy?

Uber is a way to easily get around Milan, to and from Malpensa Airport: you will be reached wherever you are. When on board, the driver will exactly know where to go. And on arrival, you just have to get out of the car, since the payment will already be integrated into the app.


How to get picked up at Malpensa Airport? Firstly, request when you’re ready to walk outside, and choose a ride option that suits your group size and baggage storage needs. Then head outside to the Drop & Go Area for pickup. That is where all Uber driver-partners meet travelers for picking up. Search for your driver through the app on your device.


Uber is really easy to use. When you are ready, set the starting point through the dedicated app and Request a ride. If you want to know how much the race cost, go to Estimated Fee. Once you entered the address or destination name, you’ll see the path that the driver will make to reach you, together with the estimated arrival time. There is no need to give directions, since before the driver will know everything about your destination.


Uber cars are always available at an affordable price. For special occasions, or if you simply need more space, you can also apply for a sedan or SUV. And remember that if you travel with people who have an Uber account, you can share the cost of the race by clicking on “share racing”, saving money.


There’s a price for every ride and any occasion: uberX is the go-to option, appropriate for private rides (1 to 4 people) in a comfortable sedan at an affordable price. Otherwise, when you are part of a group (up to 6 people), carrying a lot of luggage with you, uberXL is the suitable way to go.


Are you a commuter? Do you have an appointment on the other side of the Milan? A flight at dawn? A date in the night? Wherever you are headed, Uber gives you a ride without having to book earlier. Finally with Uber it is the time of stress free riding, to and from the airport. A Uber car can pick you up in ~15 minutes.

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